Michael Capiraso Becomes Invaluable Resource to JoggingBuddy

Michael Capiraso enters JoggingBuddy as an invaluable resource to the venture. The leader with an impeccable track record becomes a member of the board and doubles as a shareholder. The venture becomes a stronger entity with the insights of the visionary former New York Road Runners executive. JoggingBuddy will advance in the industry and enhance its value to users due to this addition in many ways.

Michael Capiraso explains that he saw the immense potential of the venture; thus, he decided to become part of the innovation in athletics. He mentions that the platform’s social value extends to users inspired his decision to become a partner. The platform and its service help athletes remain physically fit. Indeed, any individual with a zeal for physical fitness can use the site to find easy solutions to finding routes and running partners.

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Therefore, Michael Capiraso’s major motivation to join JoggingBuddy is the immense benefits that the site provides to runners. The ability to support jogging at this trying time of pandemic that bars close physical socialization proves the concept viable. Also, the inclusion of partners to run and helps retain the motivation athletes need amidst the pandemic.

Michael Capiraso introduces significant improvements to these user benefits. With his experiences innovative methods, JoggingBuddy stands to gain on many fronts. Service and platform development is the art of the value-addition. Also, operational improvements around enhancing user experiences will unfold. Still, the new partner will inspire improved culture among runners and the athletics industry.

His achievements at New York Road Runner will also add to the efforts of JoggingBuddy. He not only doubled endowments but also enhanced community engagements. He also multiplied revenues through the introduction of additional streams. The input of the executive to JoggingBuddy remains inexhaustible. It will leave to benefit many in years to come.

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