ZeroAvia Announces a Grand Advanced Engineers’ Meeting

A grand meeting where the main speakers will be the world’s advanced engineers has been lined up. The meeting, which will take place between November 3rd and 4th will be held in NEC, Birmingham. This is the first annual meeting organized by Advanced Engineering UK, a body that brings together the United Kingdom’s engineering exhibition. The scheduled meeting will bring together advanced engineers such as the ones that work at ZeroAvia and others from what the UK refers to as the advanced engineering fraternity. 


Some of the engineers scheduled to give their speech include those from aerospace, medical device producers, connected manufacturing, performance metals, compositors as well as automotive engineers. During the two-day AE-UK meeting, the engineers will be divided into four forums. One of the main things that will stand out during this year’s advanced engineering meeting is how the aerospace engineers at ZeroAvia aviation company will work towards decarbonizing aviation.


Still in the aviation industry, engineers in this sector will be on the forefront to show the world how to solve several issues. Some of the important presentations spectators will be thrilled to see include zero-carbon emission in the aviation industry, electrification, as well as hydrogen propulsion. Although leading engineers from ZeroAvia on this forum will come from the aerospace sector, other companies will take part. Those that have confirmed their participation include ZeroAvia, Rolls-Royce, IDTechEx and Ampaire among others.


Because there has been widespread concern over the supply chain management throughout the United Kingdom, those in attendance will be yearning to see the subject addressed. As such, the aviation company  and other organizers have planned that ADs and Airbus UK address the subject. ZeroAvia staff members announce that D-Orbit UK, Space Applications Catapult, United Kingdom’s Space Agency and Skyrora have been scheduled to treat attendees to a whole morning of day two. All the engineers from the companies that will speak in the morning of Day 2 will center their talk on satellite and space engineering.