Why Citizen App Is A Proactive Security And Safety System

Relying on local police to provide the necessary security in the neighborhood is one of the most important security strategies and drills that every other individual in the country should consider. That is why most of the people in the country are fond of calling 911 so that they can get a response from the local police patrol. However, the security provided by the local police on patrol is reactive in nature.

This means that the police will be responding to an issue that has already happened. Therefore, there is a higher chance that the assistance that police provide will come late and may lead to some safety concerns. Sometimes the police take as much as ten minutes to respond to a 911 call. However, Citizen App has emerged as one of the solutions that will help communities to move away from reactive security enforcement to proactive safety techniques.

The app was originally called “Vigilante”, and launched in 2016. However, Apple pulled the program from its app store because of the title and potential safety concerns. In 2017 the company renamed it and developed it into what it is today. The freshly re-branded Citizen app was developed to keep people safe by alerting them to dangers in real-time. The app is a modern-day version of the police scanners that people listened to before more advanced technology became available.

Generally, Citizen App has been structured such that it can help most individuals to always pay attention to most of the safety problems that have been occurring in the community. This is an aspect that has consistently been ignored by most of the individuals who have been trying to deal with some of the common challenges that they have been experiencing as they continue to adopt some of the essential strategies that can enhance safety in the community.

Citizen App is probably a mobile app that is currently being used by very many individuals in the entire country. Therefore, there is a higher chance that very many people in the community will be using this important app to scan the security and safety aspects around the community. It is through such important aspects that the community has been able to come up with a proactive security system that is ready to protect everyone in the community. Follow their page on Instagram, for more information.


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