Trevor Edwards: A Winning Campaign Creator for Nike

With creative talents and innovative capabilities, Trevor Edwards, who was appointed as Nike’s Director of Marketing in 1995, has increased the popularity of the Nike brand in America and throughout Europe, along with other parts of the world. In the fiscal year of 2005, Nike attained record revenues of $13.7 billion. With Edwards, now the global brand management vice president, impressive accomplishments for Nike have been made. This company has made gains across all product lines and in all regions. Today, Nike also has several subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are, among others, the athletic footwear company Converse Inc., the hockey equipment manufacturer, Bauer Nike Hockey Inc., Hurley International LLC. Additionally, Nike has a company marketing teen lifestyle apparel and high-quality footwear; Exeter Brands Group LLC, a company that designs athletic apparel.

At the age of 19, D’Wayne Edwards was offered a job as a designer. As the second African-American designer in the entire footwear industry, Trevor Edwards moved on to Nike and Under Armour. After two decades, Dwayne Edwards has created more than 500 men’s and women’s designs, and he is one of a small number of people to have designed an Air Jordan sneaker. Edwards’s designs have sold more than $1 billion worldwide. Dwayne Edwards has also received numerous awards, as well as having been awarded many patents.

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