Tieks, Growing With The Community

Tieks has profoundly earned its spot in the fashion industry. The company is accredited to its leading brand, ballet flat fashionable among women. The shoe wear is not only affordable but also offers comfortability to the wearer.

The founder and CEO of Tieks, Kfir Gavrieli, have immensely earned success, especially with most commodities made online. Moreover, Tieks has embarked on making the community around them grow through the launch of the Gavrieli Foundation. Kfir Gavrieli has not stopped at his foundation, with Tieks taking strides immensely in supporting the launch of KIVA.

KIVA has taken the lead in supporting the community, especially women empowerment in the community. The global platform has helped the community through microloans, which individuals seek can through using digital spaces. It aims to alleviate poverty by elevating the growth of business startups that can make change for others. Many women have immensely benefited from the initiative garnering extensive recognition globally.

Kfir Gavrieli has always believed in lending a hand. Since he was young, his parents instilled these values; he has topped as a hero in KIVA and the COVID pandemic through his generous acts through such knowledge. Tieks took the led in the provision of masks to the frontline health workers around the country. With their efforts to curb the disease, the spirited team in Tieks ‘also offered their support through heartfelt gift cards to encourage the health workers.

Tieks also successively saw the rally behind the sew-together campaign, which brought other partnerships on board. They significantly funded with a compassionate move towards curbing the aftermaths of the disease in the community. Kfir Gavrieli has created a niche for others, especially in selfless actions, hoping that others can make a difference.

Committed entrepreneurs should also see to situate that they help the community by building each little need. Tieks has built an admirable legacy around the globe for stepping in to grow in business and the lead making the community exist in a better way. Read this article for additional information.


Visit their page on https://tieks.com/abouttieks