The Rise of Krishen Iyer: A 28-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Krishen Iyer was a 28-year-old from Hyderabad, India when he founded his company. He had been in the United States for three years before founding his company, and Krishen has an MBA from Yale University. Krishen Iyer focuses on helping people connect with others through technology. Krishen’s Company is called “Encore” and it claims to be the first company based on social discovery. 


For Krishen Iyer , social discovery is something that people do when they are trying to find new friends, relationships, groups, etc., through their social networks. The company gives users a place where they can track what is happening with all of their social networks in one place. Encore has users sign in through Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, which then allows the users to see all of the different groups that they are in and can interact with them. 


Encore also offers its own version of a “status update” called “Highlights”. Highlights are much like Twitter’s status updates, but are made up of the most important things that are happening in a user’s social networks instead of just giving information about what is happening at the moment (Officialusa).

Till date Krishen’s company has raised $1.5 million in funding and is actively looking for more venture capital opportunities to grow. He has also published a book called “Outsmart Your Genes” and is currently working on another. Krishen Iyer ´s company claims to have 1 million users and is continuing to grow everyday.The book that Krishen has published, “Outsmart Your Genes”, is about how people can learn to be healthier by changing what they eat. The book also talks about the problems with Western diets and how to solve them.