The Life Of Larry Baer

Larry Baer has always had a unique way of doing things but is this what has led to him and the giants being so successful? Well, he thinks that might have a little to do with it. He was born in the late 50’s and raised in the bay area where he was quick to rise to the top of his class. After graduating first in his class from Lowell High, he went on to UC Berkeley, where he became the business manager at KALX.

The SF Giants CEO had a lot of success in this role & also managed to work as the sports director too. After proving his business savvy, he also became their play by play announcer for its first few games. He later opted to major in PS and finished as part of the class of 84. After turning his back on his career in academia, he joined the giants as a member of their marketing team.

He did well in the role for a few years but soon found the urge to go back to school. So he enrolled in HBC and to his surprise, got in. The Giants CEO worked hard in all of his classes which is how he was able to walk across the stage & receive his business degree. In 92, he rejoined the team so he could help them keep them in SF after they tried to move them to Tampa.

For over a decade, he worked as the chief assistant to the current CEO, Peter Magowan, & he got to design the new stadium for the team, the Oracle Park. It opened at the start of the new millennium & went by a lot of names over the years. After Bill Neukom opted to retire in 2012, it was decided that Larry would take over as CEO.

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