The Life of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky knew he would do well in life but never thought he would be the man behind the new company that is trying to save the world. So how did he come to be in that role? Well, Eric Lefkofsky started out as a lowly freshman in high school & was able to finish at the top of his class. This is why Eric Lefkofsky had a lot of the top colleges in the world beating down his door to get him to enroll there. As flattered as he was with all of this, he opted to stay a bit closer to home in the end. 


So he went to UM & tried to impress his professors with all of the knowledge he had. At one point, he even got into phi beta kappa but he was still all about trying to help others as much as he could. So, years before the foundation of Tempus medical research firm, he went on to law school at the end of his college career & this is when he discovered what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. It was a lot of hard work but Eric Lefkofsky was glad he did after earning his JD & getting offers from some of the best companies in the world. 


Though Eric Lefkofsky did think about taking one of them, he opted to become his own boss in the end & this led to the creation of Tempus. They’re trying to find a cure for cancer & hope to achieve this by decade’s end. The company is committed to helping physicians and patients when it comes to specific personalized treatments for cancer and diseases. According to Eric Lefkofsky, they aim to allow physicians and researchers to have access to very valuable and precise data. The company has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to fund their ventures in the biotech and medical industry.

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