QNET is a company based in Asia. The company is widely known for making direct sales plus promotions of the brand. In addition to this, it is involved with issues concerning wellbeing plus products concerned with lifestyle. In the fields of e-business, the company has made impressive steps. Over One million entrepreneurs have their skills polished and improved through the company. These entrepreneurs are from more than 100 countries across the globe.

Even though the Headquarters for the company is based in Hong Kong, the company has other minor offices. These offices are found in over 25 countries worldwide. The Malaysia Direct Selling Company has QNET as one of its members. The company has sponsored a well-known football club Manchester City. Apart from this, it also supports activities taking place in the community. The “Stevie Awards”, usually for leading businesses worldwide, recognized QNET in their seventh yearly Award. The Awards only involve participants from 29 countries found in the Pacific and Asia.

The International Business Awards have consistently recognized the company for over ten years now. QNET has been partnering with football since 2014. Partnership with football has facilitated the establishment of football clinics in Asia. Moreover, trips have been organized for children in England occasionally. The expenses incurred during the journey are catered for on behalf of children coming from needy families. The trips are objectified to inspire children into perfecting their God-given abilities plus talents.

The company is also supporting children coming from impoverished communities in Africa. Countries that have gained from this support include; Turkey, Ivory Coast, and Ghana, among others. Manchester City club fans have shown great help for the company. Through the company’s renewal of the partnership with the Football club, the company has been positively influenced and evolved. Visit this page for additional information.


Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSEAMvavWFw, for more information about the company