QNET Expansion In India Playing Key Role In National Development

The economy of India is vast and complicated. It’s a nation striving to modernize and uplift its 1.3 billion people to a higher standard of living. Despite enormous strides in the past five decades, the challenge of a middle-class lifestyle for the majority of the population remains significant. Fully two-thirds (68.8%) of Indian citizens still live below the poverty line.

One form of economic development that is making a key difference in modern India is an activity called direct selling. According to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), direct selling in India will reach INR 64,500 Crore by 2025.

This holds the potential to allow as many as two crore people to develop a self-sustaining form of self-employment. The FICCI went on to say that the next three to five years will be critical in the growth of the direct selling economy.

One company that is leading the way in India by providing direct selling opportunities is QNET, a Hong Kong-based firm with more than 20 years of successful operation in this sector. The company was founded by Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian-born businessman with ethnic ties to India. Mr. Eswaran is keen on expanding the presence of QNET in India. He views this burgeoning nation as a central player in the future expansion of his company.

An attractive element of the QNET direct selling opportunity is that it is equally available to men and women. In India, opportunities for women to take up self-determining economic activity are viewed as important to the future stability of the economy. QNET is a firm world-renowned for placing a focus on gender quality.

QNET deals in an array of products, including nutrition, weight management, energy, home care, fashion accessories, personal care products and more. It operates primarily via an e-commerce platform. As more Indians get connected to digital capabilities, the opportunities for direct selling are growing.

Apart from the vast opportunities they provide to their users, Qnet aids distributors build a sustainable business. They achieve this by training their distributors by enhancing high standards in conducting business. Qnet established a support program called “QNETPRO”, intending to support the growing wave of its distributors. Under the program, the firm has undertaken online training, provided educational materials online, and has created awareness through social media platforms. Read this article for some amazing reviews about them.


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