PosiGen Makes a Positive Impact on Families It Serves

PosiGen is a solar power company that aims to provide solar energy to various communities. According to staff from the company, the main reason for its formation was to help the disadvantaged stabilize from the Hurricane Katrina devastation. PosiGen team members are aware that many people were displaced and lost their lives, and it was the responsibility of the government and community foundations to help people get back on their feet. However, most of the initiatives rolled out by the federal government favored only the rich. The minority and underserved continue to suffer from significant losses. 


Therefore, PosiGen focused on providing affordable solar power to help these communities reestablish. The main targets for PosiGen are families of color and minorities. However, there isn’t discrimination towards anyone interested in solar power. So long as a client has shown interest and agreed to the guidelines. Since the focus is on poor communities and people of color, it ensures that they make up their teams. As such, the company has made positive impacts on such communities. More than 65% of the company’s employees are women and people of color. Also, PosiGen wants its clients to save more money to help them build the economy. 


Therefore, it is not interested in making profits from these customers. Instead, at PosiGen they truly believe that the initiative should help the customers in America save the little they have. Supplying cheap solar power allows clients to save on electricity bills. These savings can then be used to support other financial initiatives that would boost their economy (Ideamensch). 


The leasing program is one of the best programs the company has offered. A client doesn’t have to pay installation or maintenance costs. Also, they make the monthly payment cheaper for its clients, so they don’t have difficulties paying. The other option that the PosiGen solar company offers is the purchase program;  here, a client pays upfront for the solar panels. They are guaranteed free installation and maintenance fees. Besides, they enjoy significant discounts on their purchases. As such, PosiGen has gained a broad customer base. The program started in New Orleans and has spread to other states like Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, and New Jersey.