Billy McFarland: A Wonder boy’s Rise to Fame

It would be fair to say that Billy McFarland’s rise to fame has been nothing short of meteoric. The tech entrepreneur has been paved the way for a new way of living with his creation Magnises, an exclusive social club with sweet and special deals that one can access with their premium black metal card.

His company is now one of the biggest growing experimental platforms globally. Billy’s tryst with start-ups and new ventures date is not unheard of. A natural bloomer and entrepreneur, Billy’s first stint with fame came at an early age of 13 when he founded an online outsourcing company. He sold three companies by the time he graduated from New Jersey’s Pingry School.

Billy McFarland’s idea of an exclusive social card came while he was still in college at the Bucknell University studying computer engineering. Billy has the privilege of being one of the youngest Americans to raise an institutional venture capital. The 24-year-old left college to pursue his dream of opening a start-up like no other.

His venture Magnises started with a start-up of $3 million and to date is rising through the ranks of tech start-ups in the country being claimed the hottest start-up of the market. Magnises is Latin for absolutely nothing. There was no real meaning to the name except for it sounding cool.

A personalized black metal card is all you need to be counted among the elite club of Magnises which is spread across New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco. All one needs to do is register themselves on the Magnises website and wait for your turn into the exclusive mile-high social club.

The concierge app out deals for you around the city which requires the user to text through their phones for things like private concerts, night clubs or movie recommendations, which the app then using an algorithm finds you the best deals in town.

According to Bloomberg and Inc, Billy McFarland has already raked more than 12,000 users for his Magnises card and is further planning to expand to other cities around America. He has opened private member spaces in Washington DC and New York City to meet the growing demands of his company.

Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing Explained

In our today world, content marketing and inbound marketing are gaining popularity as the better ways of marketing products when compared to the traditional forms of advertising on This is because they have proven to be more effective regarding generating sales. However, not all businesses that employ the two strategies of marketing get to enjoy their benefits to the max. This is because they do not fully understand how the strategies work to have the ability to utilize them to the maximum.

Jose Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, defines inbound marketing as a strategy for getting the attention of potential clients by feeding them content that helps solves the challenges that they are currently experiencing. In doing this, Mullen Lowe Brazil tend to win over a customer’s trust by proving to be knowledgeable in the particular field that they have helped the client address. In turn, content marketing is the process of creating the content that will be used for inbound marketing.

According to Jose Borghi, the aim of inbound marketing is to get the customer to purchase the products that you as the businessperson have recommended as the solution to their problems. The success of this strategy is highly pegged on how well a businessperson has developed the strategy. After getting the first few purchases attributable to using this strategy from Jose Borghi, many companies tend to get excited and end up creating content that has been done in a hurry to try to boost sales only to end up getting poor results.

Evil Concepts Interpreted
Below are the content marketing concepts that according to Mullen Lowe Brazil, a Brazilian advertising guru, are spread wrongly leading to an alleged instant solution.

1. Look Smart
An easy to navigate website with interesting original content does get traffic to a website, but that is not enough. The content needs to be SEO optimized. In addition to that, the company should conduct a buyer persona study to have the ability to create content that will push the client through the buying journey.

2. Be Useful
This one of the pillars of content marketing, but it is not enough to offer useful content. It is vital for a company to know who the reader of their content is and what is useful to them. Companies need to conduct a study to know the readers of their content are and align it to their needs.

3. Be Present
This refers to disclosing material in different areas with particular regard to the social networks. Being present is not just about posting stuff and going, but rather participating in the talk. Firms need to respond to comments.

Inbound marketing and content marketing requires preparation and patience. It is possible for an entrepreneur not to get expected results if their strategies are shallow. The best option for those who are not patient is to seek the services of an ad agency that handles content marketing.

How EOS Revolutionized the Lip Balm Industry

Evolution of Smooth has become better known as EOS lip balm. This amazing company was able to enter a market already overwhelmed with similar products and climb to the top. The company decided to take an innovative approach to the way they packaged their product. Instead of using the standard cylindrical tube used by other lip balm companies, they designed a round orb-shaped container that more closely resembled the containers other beauty products were sold in. They further enhanced their spherical containers by making them available in eye-captivating pastel colors.

The Road to Success

The products created by EOS lip balm emerged on the shelves of major stores in a very short amount of time. Available on Walmart supermarket and online shops including These colorful little orbs were also being used by many high profile female celebrities. While Evolution of Smooth’s path to success might have looked like it happened overnight, the company actually employed several marketing strategies to get their product noticed. In an online article, the company’s co-founder talks about how they chose not to spend a lot of resources on promoting the product. Instead, they decided to place their emphasis on the creation and distribution.

As a start-up company, the heads of EOS met with some top notch idea men to come up with a strategy that would create a stir in the beauty aisles of drug and department stores. Looking at the products currently available for oral health care they discovered that all of the lip balms looked exactly as they had 100 years ago. The containers for these products were basically generic in design. This gave the company heads an idea, which turned out to be the driving force in their journey to success. Their uniquely designed orbs were based on the belief that most women wanted products that would delight them, which turned out to be true.

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The best ways to take care of your hair

You can never have enough information about hair care. It can be on how to maintain it or make it better. These are the best hair care remedies for all hair types.

Olive oil

Using olive oil on your hair has many benefits. For example, it helps in dealing with split ends and dandruff. It also makes the hair stronger and leaves it with a natural glow. For the best results, apply warm olive oil on the hair and scalp and let it rest for a while before washing the hair.

Omega 3

Eating foods rich in Omega 3 is rewarding. Omega 3 has been proven to prevent hair loss. It can also help in growing back lost hair. Instead of waiting to use it as a treatment, include Omega 3 in your diet to avoid hair loss.

Avocado and egg

This easy to make hair mask will provide adequate protein and oil to your hair. The result will be an increase in volume, stronger and shiny hair. This mask can also be mixed with other ingredients depending on what your hair needs.

Wen hair products by Chaz Dean are also a good way to treat your hair. Chaz Dean is a hair expert as he has worked in the salon industry for long. He took a lot of time in the development of his first product. Before trying his final product on clients, he had already tested it on himself. He incorporates the best ingredients to make the products suitable for all hair types.

There are many Wen products in the market. They include shampoos, conditioners, oils, and gels. After using these products for some time, your hair will start showing results. The products are available in many stores ( making them easy to find. Wen products are also very affordable. To learn more about Wen Hair products, check out the Wikipedia page.


Use Gooee LED Lighting For Great Results

Gooee LED Lighting is made in the offices of the company in the Silicon Valley. There are many different aspects that go into the production of the lighting before it is brought to you.

What Makes Gooee LED Lighting Unique?

The Gooee LED Lighting lasts a lot longer than other lights that you might purchase. They also come in a variety of designs so making your home look interesting is what you can do with the Gooee LED Lighting

Gooee LED Lighting Comes In Different Shapes And Sizes

Since the Gooee LED Lighting products come in different shapes and sizes, you will find the right one for your needs. Be sure that you consider which room you are putting it in before you decide to purchase the Gooee LED Lighting.

How Much Is The Gooee LED Lighting?

For many reasons, the cost will vary. It will depend on what size and shape that you want to purchase. You can find a variety of price points so it is best to look at all of them. Be sure that you take advantage of any of the sales, promotions or discounts that are going on so that you can get the most for your money.

Always make sure that you are using your Gooee LED Lighting correctly. The company will answer the questions that you might have with their fantastic, customer service department. You should also read through the entire instruction booklet that is provided with the product in order to be sure that you have it set up right.

Making Money This NFL Season

This NFL season seems to be shaping up to be an exciting opportunity to place wagers. I like using a parlay system, but I don’t play more than two times at a time. I like parlay betting because it is an exciting way to bet. The more teams you put on one ticket that is correct, the higher the payout. The thing is, all of them have to be correct. It can be highly profitable if you know what you’re doing. It’s not that complicated, though. If you’re not familiar with parlay betting, I suggest sticking with only two teams. There is a 3.5-to-1 payout on those. The beauty of it is, there are several opportunities to cash in on these parlays every Sunday.

The Philadelphia Eagles look like they could be a good pick for a few weeks, so I would probably couple them up with another team and win a “simple” parlay. That’s what I like to call 2-team parlays. I also like the Cleveland Browns, to cover. They play hard-nosed defense and football for 4 quarters. Their only problem is that they always seem to come out on the short end of the stick. On the bright side of that, they always seem to cover. Just check the matchup on them. If it is a division game, consider adding them to your ticket. Just do your homework. The NFC East is a struggling division right now in a lot of fans’ eyes, but there is a lot of football left.

I like placing online wagers at when I play for parlays both during the regular season and for special occasions like betting on Super Bowl odds. At, I get the latest sports news and receive some of the best picks for hitting parlays. It’s pretty much a win-win situation there. They offer some of the best tips when it comes to betting. I get access to expert picks. That helps a lot. You don’t have to listen to me about my sports picks. I would recommend you open an account at though. There, you’ll have the same advantages as I do. They offer up-to-date scoring and odds. I also love the consensus tools. They are helpful when it comes to figuring out how the rest of the public is betting. Sometimes it is a good idea to go with the public, but sometimes not. Be careful when it comes to using the consensus. Otherwise, good luck plaing your wagers.

Labaton Sucharow helps one of its Customers to acquire a $17 Million Reward.

Labaton Sucharow is a well-known law firm that offers legal representation service to individuals who volunteer to inform the SEC on activities of organizations that do not follow the federal securities laws. The company has been providing the service for about six years, and it has managed to develop a competent structure that it uses in filling its litigations. One of the client’s that is represented by Labaton Sucharow was recently awarded $17 million dollars due to the usefulness of information that he offered to the SEC to help it in finding illegal actions of businesses in the financial sector. This monetary incentive was one of the two highest that have ever been paid by the commission to the whistleblowers. The regulations that are offered by the whistleblower protection program dictate that the SEC should award the informant at least 10 to 30 percent of the money that it acquires from sanctions.

One of the principal companies in the financial sector has been participating in activities that are against the law and the intelligence that the whistleblower provided was crucial in enabling the SEC to unearth them. The SEC is concerned about protecting the identity of individuals, and therefore, it only gave limited facts about the scandal to avoid accidental disclosure of the whistleblower’s identity. The whistleblower also maintained his anonymity by hiring the services of an attorney to represent him. The administrator of the Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower representation services is Jordan A. Thomas. He has sufficient knowledge in the securities-related legislations since he was an assistant principal litigation counsel of the SEC and also participated in the enactment of the whistleblower protection program.

Citizen and foreigners are encouraged to offer useful intelligence to the SEC at their convenience, since consulting the Commission is free. The commission provides translators to assist individuals who cannot speak English. The SEC also encourage whistleblower by ensuring that they get an incentive as stated in the whistleblower protection program. The Congress has formed the Investor Protection Fund that has $400 million that is to be used for rewarding the whistleblowers. This is to ensure that the whistleblowers receive their reward in time

Labaton Sucharow is an old company, and it has been active for about half a century. The customers who seek for its services include enterprises, businesspersons, and consumers. The firm has an outstanding reputation for the representation services that it offers to complainants. It has been recognized by various bodies, which include the Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500, and Benchmark Litigation.

The SEC gives one of the highest Rewards to a Labaton Sucharow Client

Lebaton Sucharow is one of the leading firms that offer legal representation service to the whistleblowers of the SEC. The company started the whistleblower representation practice after the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act of Wall Street and the Consumer Protection Program. It was a frontrunner in the sector and has been offering top-notch services to its clients. One of the customers who is represented by the law company won a case and was given a $17 million reward. This was the second highest prize that the SEC has ever offered to its whistleblower since the formations of the protection program about five years ago.


The intelligence that the informant provided was crucial in assisting the SEC to apprehend one of the top players in the securities sector. The whistleblower kept his identity a secret by hiring an attorney to represent him at the SEC. The commission also withheld most of the information about the case to avoid revealing the identity of the whistleblower since it may lead to employer blacklisting and harassment.


Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower representation practice is managed by Jordan A. Thomas. He is an experienced professional in dealing with securities since he has worked with the SEC. He is the former deputy director and the assistant principal litigation counsel of the commissions’ Department of Enactment. He is highly acknowledged for the role that he played in the creation of the SEC whistleblower program while he was an employee of the commission.


The protection program states that the informant should be rewarded at least 10 to 30 percent of what the Securities and Exchange Commission collects as fines due to the information that was provided. The whistleblower can also be given an additional reward in case other law enforcement institutions use the information to impose sanctions on the offender. Apart from the monetary compensation, the Dodd-Frank Act also indicates that employers are not allowed to harass the whistleblower in any way.


The SEC is encouraging company employees and the public as a whole to offer intelligence about any organization that is participating in fraudulent activities in the financial sector. This motivation is through the nature of protection that it provides to the informants. The United States Congress has also played a significant role in ensuring that the whistleblower protection program is well implemented and this is by creating the Investor Protection Fund, which is often replenished. It currently has $400 million.


Kate Hudson is popular actress in America. She was born in the year 1979 in Los Angeles, California and she has had plenty of success in her endeavors. Having featured in various Hollywood movies, Kate has won plenty of accolades. She has won the prestigious Golden Globe and received nominations for the roles she has played on Kate is also an owner of a fashion line, Fabletics, which is affiliated to JustFab. Her brand majors on clothes for fitness and exercise.

Having had success in her movie career, Kate Hudson came into collaboration with JustFab in 2013 and founded her fashion line for clothes to rock when working out or active wear. The line is called Fabletics. This clothing line has received glowing praise mostly from women who have worn it all over. Fabletics makes a wide variety of clothes. Their yoga pants are perfect for active work due to their ability to stretch. They also help to show off the curves in the women, a quality loved by all women. There are also a host of colours and prints to choose from. Fabletics also makes beautiful tennis skirts to enable the wearer breathe well and put their best efforts on the court.

Fabletics also makes a variety of sports bras to avoid tiring while exercising due to the bounce. The bras can be worn with an appropriate legging and a crop top to cover some flesh if necessary. Fabletics products ensure that one is absolutely comfortable with the clothing and also with themselves in these clothes to bring out the absolute best in the activities that they are performing.

Fabletics came into place after JustFab CEOs together with Kate Hudson noticed that there was not enough active wear in the market. They decided to offer both style and comfort at affordable prices to their customers. They came up with a master class to behold. The products are of top quality and can be worn by a wide range of ages. Parents can rock these products while going out to play with their children, youth can go out clubbing in these clothes and dance without having to break a lot of sweat or going out for a morning jog.
In an interview with Marie Claire, Kate Hudson spoke widely about the products such as the debut of super chic and also their new designs of performance swimsuits that had just come into the market. Fabletics have made athleisure dresses that are perfect for night outs. These dresses have a fitted in sports bra so that one does not need to wear another bra. Kate also talked about their bathing suits and stated how they make people remain active without interfering with how sexy or feminine they feel. Read more at

Fabletics is a revolutionary in fitness and performance clothes and dedicate time to making clothes for people with similar tastes to them. For those who need performance clothes, just look to Fabletics.

Wikipedia Looks Good for Web Searches

Leonardo Dicaprio has many things to be happy and proud about. Among the items on that list is an Oscar awarded to him for his performance in Revenant. Another item on the list of Dicaprio haves is a Wikipedia page. One of these items seems to be making trouble for the other. While an Oscar win translates to praise and one’s wiki page is the place to see it, in Leo’s case it is a concern. As an overzealous fan updates the stars page with the good news; he uses a slightly salty vocabulary to do it. This is a curious problem but it is also easily fixed.

The problem Leo faces is not much of a big deal, because there are dedicated Wiki editing services that work together on Wikipedia. One of these organizations is Get Your Wiki. And their purpose is to take the worry about of having and managing a wiki page for personal or professional use. Anyone that seeks to make effective constant contact with the public needs the service these professional Wiki experts for hire provide. Their help is necessary because anyone can edit or update a Wikipedia page, as the site free, and a well-timed prank can cause serious harm.

Wikipedia is one of the web’s biggest sites. The irony of this fact is that the idea and the initial launch of the site, for some people, was seen as a big joke. But the free forum design and the lack of financial bottom line actually work in Wikipedia’s favor. The site grows everyday in reputation and respectability. It is a foundation and although the people who run it show rock-solid work ethic the work performed on the site is open to change and grow. Thousands of individuals commit to countless hours of work, some are even volunteers.

One of Wikipedia’s biggest strength is that there is no self-promotion allowed on the site. This keeps corporate corruption off the information on wiki pages. This also means that wiki pages are a great resource when it comes to online research and networking solutions for individuals or businesses. Not to mention that Wikipedia often shows first on many Google searches. This fact translates to anyone collaborating with Wikipedia having access to millions of potential viewers across the globe. Anyone can join, use and enjoy the information pool provided by Wikipedia. And that means that keeping the information on it wiki pages around the clock work for the Wikipedia writers who founded and still run it. 

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