Miki Agrawal Gets Personal About IFV in Woman-to-Woman Peer Support Effort

Miki Agrawal’s latest entrepreneurial adventure is proof that’s not shy about broaching taboo subject matter. Her new company, TUSHY, necessarily invades that most private space for all of us –- the bathroom.

TUSHY is a new kind of bidet, a kind of toilet popular in Europe but which has faced resistance in the U.S. A bidet is a commode that issues a spray of water to the behind after one goes to the bathroom and “completes one’s business.” It’s a better way to cleanse afterward and reduces the need for toilet paper by 80%.

As TUSHY takes off, Agrawal has come forward to talk about another sensitive matter she has confronted personally. It’s the challenge she has faced with conceiving a second child. When it became clear “the natural method” wasn’t working, Miki Agrawal opted to explore IVF -– In-Vitro Fertilization.

IVF is an assisted reproduction technology that involves the extraction of a female egg that’s placed in a lab dish. The next step is to retrieve sperm from a father. Using advanced medical procedures, the egg is then inseminated with the sperm. If the process is successful, an embryo will emerge. This is then implanted in the uterus of the mother with the goal of inducing a pregnancy that will then carry forward in a natural way.

Despite the intensely personal nature of undergoing IVF, Miki Agrawal has decided to share her experience by documenting her journey on her blog. She hopes her story and all the details will destigmatize this fertility method and help other couples explore their options.

Agrawal said she believes obtaining peer support in this realm is invaluable. She said connecting with other women who are undergoing IVF can mitigate feelings of isolation, loneliness and anxiety.

Always the innovator, Miki Agrawal is sharing her IVF journey with honesty and integrity to illuminate what is a profound human experience.