Juan Monteverde and His Life as a Lawyer

Juan Monteverde took an interview about his life as a lawyer recently, going into detail about who he is and what he does. Mr. Monteverde works as an attorney out of New York City, and he also founded a firm called Monteverde and Associates PC.

Area of Expertise

In general, Monteverde’s firm focuses on shareholder cases and national class action suits. Anything, where it looks like the shareholders have been robbed of something, will take Mr. Monteverde’s interest. He’s already been involved in several such suits with a high profile, and some have even gone all the way to the supreme court.

During the interview, Mr. Onteverde is asked how he got started, and he talks about how he worked for 10 years in many different companies, including finally running the acquisitions and mergers department at the last company where he finally decided to make his own.

Mr. Monteverde went on to talk about how he makes money when he was prompted to in the interview. He emphasizes that he only makes money when he manages to get money for the shareholders that he represents. He also talks about how he managed to make the firm profitable right away, mostly because he had cases already that he had acquired from the firm that he came from.

He emphasized how this demonstrates that it’s important to make sure that you leave firms on a high note with good relationships due to the fact that it could definitely matter later. If you burn your bridges, then you might leave behind many advantages you might have had if you didn’t cut ties with a company.

Other questions focused on whether Mr. Monteverde ever had doubts. He focused on saying that you can’t have doubts because you are in it for your customer and you need to always focus on them to know more click here