James Gutierrez Describes His Success and His Plans for the Future

James Gutierrez is an entrepreneur who works in the arena of financial innovation and lending. He’s worked for years to enable individuals with limited banking access to be able to benefit from liquidity.

One of his most prominent achievements, James Gutierrez is the founder of and and is a partner in Insikt Ventures. This outlet is a multi million fund for venture capitalism. It revolves around initial investing into finance technology and products popular with consumers. Back in 2005, Gutierrez helped found Oportun, formerly known as Progreso Financiero. This enterprise was designed to offer unsecured loans to those who had unimpressive credit. To date, Oportun has delivered over one and a half billion dollars’ worth of loans to at least half a million American loaners.

James Gutierrez enjoys fulfilling positions on the boards of a number of entities involved in public service. He provides knowledge and experience to projects which seek to instill social justice. The Consumer Advisor Council and the Centennial Advisory Committee, both from the Federal Reserve, have hosted James Gutierrez. Through his positions, the entrepreneur has successfully served as the architect of multiple state and federal statutes designed to increase accessibility to reasonably priced, small-ticket loans. The investor recently spoke about the banking world, as well as what drives him thus far, and what propels him into the future.

He’s convinced that no prominent political powers currently in office have a reasonable idea of how to reduce inequality in America. James believes that the recovery efforts are partially misguided, because the divide between the wealthy and the poor continues to grow.

In his opinion, the capitalist system needs to be revamped in order for the underprivileged to be more accessible to important products and services. To that end, he wants to empower sections of the country such as the Hispanic community to become more eligible to participate in the banking community.

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