How Jake Medwell Contributed to FreightWaves

You may have hearted about Jake Medwell or read about him. Mr. Jake has been an influential figure within the transport and logistics industry. In his life, Mr. Medwell focuses on establishing companies and scaling them. For those who have not heard about him, he is the founding partner at 8VC. Many organizations have adopted his work of scaling companies to enhance their operation.

Part of Mr. Jakes’s work was adopted by the Port of Chicago. Chicago is one of the largest cities in the US that has seen an increase in the number of activities. You may have heard about the Port of Chicago as one of the biggest in the US. The Port of Chicago has a high number of marine and highway connections. The Port receives tonnage coming from different parts of the world.

As part of Mr. Medwell’s work in transport and logistics, trucks are important in the freight business. With the high number of cargo coming into the port daily, there has to be a way to transport them to different destinations. Trucks come from all over the country to pick these tonnages. Due to an increase in the number of customers, so has the number of trucks.

Within the port, you have heard about freight forwarders working within the ports. These individuals offer specialized services to the customers picking their cargo from the port. Over time, several units have been established within the ports. These units aim to ensure that they offer support to the customers. The units offer off-storage, weighing, and certification. The upgrade of the port has made it easier to move commodities.

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