How CEO David Schmidt is changing the future with LifeWave

CEO David Schmidt used three years of intense research on the concept of being able to naturally increase energy and stamina to forge the company LifeWave.

Schmidt has committed the last 15 years of his life to LifeWave technology and helping the public utilize wireless communication to the human body via phototherapy.

The original idea came back when Schmidt was developing survival equipment as he was trying to help the crew members of a mini-sub stay awake.

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The focus was on keeping it natural because they didn’t want to use drugs and this lead to an interest in a natural way of increasing energy in the human body.

Since then, LifeWave has been bringing new and innovative products to the market of health and wellness.

The laboratory has become a second home to Schmidt as the company does extensive work testing new designs and products.

Working with a team of scientists, LifeWave is able to produce high-quality research that supports company goals. The team recently released X39, a patented stem cell activation patch.

The product resulted from over 10 years of testing, research, and design.

X39 has been through several clinical trials and Schmidt has talked extensively about its ability to improve metabolism.

Trials have also shown the product can reverse mitochondrial dysfunction.

This can lead to producing more energy and even slowing the aging process.

LifeWave research is at the forefront of changing the perception of how we can start to improve as we age.

Schmidt sees people being able to age in a way that helps them maintain some of their youth and those qualities that usually begin to be limited in our bodies as we grow old.