Hawkers Beat All Other Sunglass Makers in The Massive Sales of Millions of Pairs of Sunglasses Under President Alejandro Betancourt

Most people have often been wondering why the once almost dead sunglasses company did bounce back with a bang. It is important to note that the company had almost reached its dead end. However, the company was able to stand tall on its feet after momentous changes in its leadership management. Alejandro Betancourt one of the renowned entrepreneurs took over the operation of the fashion company in a bid to revive it as the president. This was a bold but timely move. Alejandro would later invest significantly into the company with a series of investors.


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This was the beginning of the remarkable bouncing back of the company. It has been established that since the appointment of Alejandro Betancourt, the company has continually registered significant growth in successive years. The company would later appoint Nacho Puig to the prestigious position of CEO.

Puig has also contributed immensely to the growth of the company. The company has now been registered as an international fashion company. Alejandro Betancourt has a commendable entrepreneurial back group and thus was the best suitable to the Hawkers’ presidential position.

He had early success as he had successfully started his O’Hara Administration Company. His company is known to massively invest in a series of businesses across the Pacific Region, Hawkers being one of them.

Alejandro Betancourt and Puig have ensured that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez become the most sought-after and admired company in the industry. It has done so through employing various marketing strategies. The use of Facebook Ads on its Facebook pages has attracted 6.6 million followers. This has been the best platform for the company to enhance its business operation. Due to its fairly priced but high-quality sunglasses, the company has been able to achieve an immense target of selling 4.5 million pieces of sunglasses. This is a remarkable development in the industry’s history. Refer to this page for additional information