Former SEC Chief Economist Take on Retail Education at Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy(OTA) is the leading financial literacy platform looking for people that want to build their confidence and develop skills for trading and investing in financial markets. Students learn through a trading platform called CliK, equipped with knowledgeable instructors and comprehensive online learning resources.

Dr. Harris, the former SEC chief economist, has reviewed all OTA’s course materials and its new trading platform, CliK. He has also attended OTA’s virtual classes and extended Learning Track(XLT) online classes. Through his experience at OTA, he explains the unfortunate truth that most people lack financial education as a life skill. Dr. Harris and the American university plan to make sure more people acquire financial education through OTA.

OTA’s material goes hand in hand with the university’s courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Dr. Harris insists that OTA students looking to trade with their accounts are assured the best delivery and practical learning methods. Students gain confidence in investing and trading when they follow through with OTA’s principles.

When it comes to education, he argues that not all education is equal. Education can be theoretical, informational or even experiential. Through CliK, students practically trade and invest, which is necessary for building their skills and know-how. Its focus is the trader’s individual goals, and it follows OTA’s guidelines and uses appropriate risk management techniques.

Additionally, Dr. Harris also explains OTA’s focus on risk management through CliK. He describes how CliK simplifies trading through its automated steps to score trading prospects and assess trader’s reward to risk ratios in securities trading. It also warns users about risking too much money in future trades according to their risk profile.

With all these in mind from Dr. Harris, Online Trading Academy is among the best trading platform for beginners and experienced traders who want to up their game in trading and investments. It has served over 80,000 students. Enroll in their free introductory class, and the rest will follow.

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