Eucatex Continues To Make Environmental Progress

Flavio Maluf is a man interested in technology. He recently talked about it a school in Brazil. As young people are increasingly involved with devices such as cellular phones and other things this is an important feature. So Maluf believes there is good and bad about technological devices.

Maluf is a mechanical engineer and is President of companies Eucatex and Grand Food. He is from Sao Paolo Brazil. Maluf invested in the merger of Pfizer and Allergan. The two companies will invest in drug research together. From his Twitter Maluf believes that Pfizer has made strong investments in cancer research and diabetes and Allergan has made investments in woman’s aesthics and eyes.

The reverse merger allows transfer of operations to Ireland and savings on Taxes according to Maluf. US analysts believe as development of a law is critical to stop this. Maluf is therefore involved in pharmaceutical mergers as well as technology. Maluf is the head of Eucatex and involved in financial operations. The market reacted well to the Pfizer Allergan merger, and Maluf was an investor in this. Pfizer had previously tried to buy Astra Zeneca and failed. Allergan is the company responsible for created Botox. Pfizer produces Cebralat, Lipitor, Zoloft and Viagra.

On the technology front, Maluf wants to use technology and to aid teachers and students alike. Maluf wants to go help students make the full use of technology and belives there could be a great upside. He wants technology to become normal.

Maluf has also comments on movies on facebook, regarding the financial world and the stock market. He believes that the 2010 Movie Inside Job is about the 2008 financial downturn. This movie is part of a trend of Hollywood movies concerning the financial markets and its interesting that a figure like Malouf is also interested in this area and comments on it.