Eric Lefkofsky Touts Breakthrough Liquid Biopsy Development at Tempus

Chicago-based Tempus, a leading-edge precision medicine firm that is applying AI to genomic sequencing techniques, said it has demonstrated a reliable performance for a new kind of liquid biopsy process. The Tempus|xF biopsy was validated against other techniques, such as ddPCR and the Roche AVENIO kit among others (Youtube). 


It showed a significant sensitivity and specificity for identifying SNVs, CNVs, indels and gene rearrangements. This holds the potential to make liquid biopsy methods the “next-generation sequencing assay” and the way of the future, said company CEO Eric Lefkofsky. The Tempus|xF Biopsy can now be the preferred sequencing option in the event that tumor tissue is not available. This latest development is all part of the Tempus mission to create powerful new tools for doctors and to provide hope to millions of patients suffering from severe diseases, such as cancer. 


Under the leadership of Eric Lefkofsky, medical researchers, scientists and technicians are conducting groundbreaking research and developing new modes for diagnostics and treatment that leverage processes on the cellular and molecular scale. Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus in 2015. Since then, the Tempus company has established three lab locations, including Chicago, Durham, South Carolina, and Atlanta. Industry analysts say Tempus today is a $5 billion company. It boasts the “largest library of clinical and molecular data” in the world –- vital medical data that Tempus can make available and easily accessible to physicians and other researchers.

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