Edgard Corona: Workout Anytime, Anywhere

Who is Edgard Corona? Edgard Corona is a businessman and the CEO and majority shareholder of the Smart Fit gym chain. Shares in the Smart Fit gym chain (SMFT3) rose 34.78% on its debut on B3 which in today’s earnings is now around R$1.6 billion, according to Forbes analysis.

The company Smart Fit has now more than 51 million Smart common shares. In 2020, Forbes made a ranking of billionaires which estimated Edgard Corona”s equity at R$1.1 billion. With Smartfit being the leading name in the fitness segment in the country, he was able to create 480 gyms under his title.

Edgard Corona founded the Bio Ritmo chain in 1996 in Santo Amaro (São Paulo). Many countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic were impacted positively due to Smartfit. This united the market in Latin America, impacting 1.6 million students!

SmartFit was able to reshape how people exercise along with the gratitude of technology being its prime within the business. Corona was into business since college, considering he sold two businesses to then work at a sugar mill in São Paulo with his family.

Afterward, he joined a gym that became the first Bio Ritmo academy, Santo Amaro. It is expressed by Corona that owning a business is not as easy as it sounds, and that “when you put it on the air, you find that there are a lot of things you didn’t imagine.” But in the end, with the economy also working in his favor, the business flourished with the help from other business heads in other countries. In the end, the customers’ needs were met and now it is possible to work out anywhere and anytime! To know more click: here.