Edgar Corona and His Fitness Empire

Edgard Corona is one of the more famous people in Brazil and South America due to his SmartFit company and his Bio Ritmo company which together own hundreds of gyms throughout South America and beyond. His main innovation with Smart Fit was to start with copying the Planet Fitness model and then add a bit more on top of it. In other words, Edgard Corona was able to cut costs and simplify his gym model simply by replacing fitness professionals with TV monitors. He would play videos on them that could serve as instruction for those who were working out.

As a result of his efforts, these gyms became more and more popular and Edgard Corona is now worth around 1 billion dollars in local currency in Brazil. He even was able to adapt to the COVID virus by closing down physical gyms, but instead, shift to a virtual approach where members of his gym could get access to video material that allowed them to keep working out even if they were stuck at home. Many of these videos would encourage people to use common everyday objects to be able to keep working out as they have been the whole time.

Starting life as a member of the Corona family, who owned a successful sugar company, he first learned chemistry at university. He then began working for his family in the labs they had for their sugar mills. After doing that for a while, Edgard Corona finally went to open his first gym. He said it was difficult at first, due to gyms not being popular in the area initially. However, once he brought his successful model to the area, their popularity exploded and spread to nearby countries like Mexico, Chile, and more besides. He greatly credits his ability to learn from mistakes to his success. Refer to this page for additional information