Data Systems International Releases A New Version Of Its Cloud Inventory Platform

Data Systems International has built a name for itself as an industry leader in providing inventory control solutions. Among its flagship products is the cloud-based inventory management solution, Cloud Inventory. This product enables manufacturers and distributors to keep tabs on inventory with top-class accuracy in real-time.

Since the launch of Cloud Inventory, the solution has emerged as one of the most disruptive solutions in inventory management has optimized compliance, productivity, and revenue generation. Not so long ago, the company came out to announce that it was launching a new version of inventory management.

A more future-packed and refined version

According to DSI, the new version of cloud inventory is more refined and future-packed than what currently exists in the market. This new version will expand the benefits that the solution offers to businesses. According to the company’s management, the latest version was designed with the disruptions that Covid-19 caused to the supply chain and the interruptions to access of inventory in mind.

It will allow companies to look at how they handle their inventory differently. In addition, it will provide a layer of flexibility to inventory management to the users as it can easily be adapted to overcome the challenges of modern-day supply chains.

A changing business environment

The business environment is quickly changing due to disruptions that the pandemic caused. E-commerce and remote working is quickly gaining traction as companies move away from traditional operations. DSI Global said that the Cloud Inventory solution by DSI Global is the perfect tool amid the changing business environment. It will enable enterprises to avoid the costly and time-consuming overhaul of their previous systems while reducing human error and increasing inventory visibility.

Data Systems International has over four decades of experience helping enterprises optimize their supply chain and inventory management. It promised to keep bringing top products that push the limits of optimal supply chain and inventory management performance. Refer to this article to learn more.


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