Queens of Drama is about to get things Started on POP

Soap opera fans get ready because a reality based soap opera program is about to hit the airwaves. Queens of Drama is a reality based television show that features previous soap opera stars who ban together to operate their own soap opera company. The show is scripted but the stars also get to react to certain situations based off their own personalities. This means that there is no telling what the stars will do when they are thrown in certain situations and have to deal with each others issues.

Crystal Hunt is one of the major stars on this program and she is a former soap opera star who made her mark during the 2000s. Since that time she has been working hard to build up her career and her business. Hunt owns a pet boutique in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida. Her enterprise is doing very well and she is branching off into other endeavors.

Hunt is an actress first and foremost but she also a producer. Dania Ramirez is a very good friend of Crystal Hunt. Both of the ladies have collaborated over a film project called Talbot county. This is an old Alfred Hitchcock horror movie about a werewolf. This film has yet to make it to theaters but was in production in 2015, and Metacritic posts continued updates.

Hunt is not the only former soap star on the program. Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Venessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Bree Williamsom. All of these former soap stars have come together to provide the drama that soap opera fans come to love. Not only do the stars appear on the program as themselves but they also play alternate characters. This program even features special guest stars such as Joan Collins.

The ladies go through a series of problems and situations that is related to the television show industry. On the program they want to produce their own show with their own studio. The ladies have personality clashes, affairs with their lovers and lots of drama with each other. Cat fights are common, fussing is a norm and the drama never ends.

Queens of drama comes on the POP network and it first debuted in April of 2015. Many people did not know about this program but it is slowly gaining viewership. There is a second season that is scheduled to be aired in April of 2016. A lot of viewers are expected to tune it and watch the drama as it unfolds.