Jason Hope Touts Internet Of Things As Next Market Revolution.

Were you to sit down in order to have a conversation with Jason Hope, you’d likely end up talking quite extensively about the role that the internet plays in the daily lives that we live today. Jason Hope is a devout futurist and renowned for his work investing in technology. For years, Hope has worked hard in order to earn a reputation as someone capable of seeing around the bend and into the forthcoming market trends. Right now, Jason Hope is going all in on what he calls the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a massive term that encapsulates so much about the world that we live in. Let’s go ahead and see why Hope has so much faith in this particular industry.

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For Jason Hope, technology is and has always been the future. This has been made abundantly clear by the fact that we are living more and more networked together thanks to the internet, smart technology, and our willingness to let our lives be digitally interfaced. For Hope, the logical next step in our trend toward technological reliance is complete automation thanks to a smart network of technology. This is, effectively, what we call the Internet of Things.

You’d only have to go back in time a handful of years in order to find a very different world. It was only 15 years or so ago that we didn’t all live with our smartphones permanently glued to our palms. Hope believes that the next step will be automation in every walk of our life, from public services to the way our very home even operates. If you were to look at the growing trends in smart technology, where everything is connected to the internet, it would be hard to argue against Hope’s greater point on this topic.

For all of his passion for technology, Hope is a futurist and investor at heart. He is now heavily warning companies that the time is now to start investing in the Internet of Things. Like cryptocurrency before it, the Internet of Things is the next big event in the tech investment world and you’ll definitely not want to be left behind.

Jason Hope graduated from ASU with a degree in finance. He would go on to graduate from the W.P. Carey School of Business with his MBA. After graduating from college, Hope would jump straight into the entrepreneurial world by establishing his first company in the mobile communications sector.

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The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence And A/B Testing For Businesses

Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategies

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has already impacted many services and products used by businesses and consumers. AI tools such as A/B testing have become necessary to improve numerous processes. This allows businesses and consumers to save both money and time. Although humans are required to create the strategies, they can be effectively implemented by AI.

Creative Design

The best designs must be used for social media campaigns and promotional products. The choices of font, color and image design are also critical. A/B testing effectively narrows down the most effective choices, helping the campaign to succeed. When the choice is made by a human, all the factors are not able to be considered. AI technology can be used to determine everything from the image used for a cell phone cover to the creation of ads for a specific audience.

Customer Relationships

A language instructor uses numerous scenarios including police officers, taxi services and restaurants. This is a practical approach to help individuals learn a new language. The process of learning can be accomplished faster when specific barriers are eliminated. A good example is a person embarrassed to speak in public. Chatbots are learning how to monitor and give instructions, and this is helping eliminate these barriers. There is a chatbot built by the Australian government to help individuals with disabilities. This has enabled the recipients to have much easier access to health and insurance information. A chatbot can also improve relationships with customers by suggesting products specifically suited to the dislikes and preferences of the customer.

Business Optimization

AI and A/B testing are used to optimize and automate business processes. Data analytics systems can answer questions and offer suggestions regarding perspective customers. This can be used for outlining emails, and identifying a customer ready to make a purchase. A company can achieve better communication with their customers by analyzing sales, customer data and marketing.

Marketing Campaigns

Global brands are using digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns sort through massive data to eliminate time consuming and manual tasks. These limiting factors have been eliminated with A/B testing because it conducts cross-channel execution, media buying, testing and optimization, audience targeting, analytics and insights. Automatic messages are created by AI to individually adapt to every customer. This creates campaigns, discovers segments, adapts and learns.

Business Development

AI systems are helping businesses locate customers with predictive lead generation, content marketing intelligence, lead scoring and sales intelligence.