Join The Exciting Sussex Healthcare Team By Applying Now For Open Positions

Good jobs in healthcare are often hard to find. These jobs take endurance, patience and hard work. Many healthcare providers struggle with high employee turnover numbers. Sussex Healthcare is different. The leaders that run this large healthcare organization are proud of the fact that many of their employees stay with them until they retire. This organization has made their name by delivering sensational care to their many cherished residents. With 20 facilities, this healthcare provider is a leading job provider in this area. Since its beginning 25 years past, Sussex Healthcare has changed with the times. The top management team constantly upgrades their necessary care equipment and policies.

Today, there are many fine benefits of working within the Sussex Healthcare network. This company runs 20 charming facilities designed to cater to the elder population group. There are specific specialty facilities for individuals with severe learning disabilities, mental deficits or physical difficulties. These care facilities have been structured to best care for that certain population group. In the dementia unit for seniors, visitors will notice strategic memory boosters like personalized memory boxes used to give comfort as the resident recognizes their precious possessions. These are often placed outside of the residents’ sleeping rooms.


The glorious gardens that bloom and give joy to everyone that sees them can be seen and experienced at several of the senior care living homes. Many homes have quaint features and magnificent historic architectural design. All are equipped with plush, comfy furniture, quiet visiting lounges, the latest care equipment and the best security features. Throughout each busy day, seniors are able to enjoy fun groups and informative classes like cookery, arts & crafts and music appreciation talks. Reminiscent sessions are always a popular diversion that allows seniors to talk about their favorite past memories in a social setting.

Sussex Healthcare is one of the best healthcare organizations for higher salary rates. The company also includes many impressive employee benefits as well. While the company must continue care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there are job opportunities for those that only want a part time work schedule or perhaps only weekends. Come visit one of the stunning settings of a Sussex Healthcare facility. The gorgeous locale, friendly and warm atmosphere and lovely decor selections all combine to make any of these facilities an awesome place to work. Check out the job opportunities at Sussex Healthcare.