Mighty Fortress Church, Striving To Excellence

Mighty Fortress Church is a Christian church that is located on the north side on Minneapolis. Mighty Fortress Church has been saving many Christians over the years by helping them seek salvation and by helping them achieve their religious goals. Mighty Fortress Church’s goal as a church is for Christians to come to church and receive the life changing word of God. They also strive to give their members a church atmosphere that is forgiving, loving, and cheerful each week. Church services are held each Sunday in the month and everyone is welcomed to attend. Even if you have never visited Mighty Fortress Church before, you will feel like you’re at home because they always make people feel welcomed. Watch this video on Youtube.

Mighty Fortress Church has made commitments has a church that they have chosen to never bend or break. This is what makes Mighty Fortress Church one of the best in the nation. They have created ways to make everyone feel invited within the church space. One of their commitments is to minister to the issues that are happening in the city. The Senior Pastor of the church is Pastor Thomas Williams. He is very active and involved in the community. Ministering about and to the city about issues that have been happening is a great way to improve the community. Pastor Thomas Williams stands tall on his believes and gives incites on how the city can be improve by using God’s word. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Another commitment of Mighty Fortress Church is to equip all members with empowerment and encouragement for their everyday lives. This is also a great thing to commit to. At Mighty Fortress Church members come to church feeling down and depressed and leave feeling strong and encouraged. Pastor Thomas Williams makes it his goal to supply all of his members with the loving spirit of God. And the spirit of God makes everyone feel better no matter what you’re going through.

Pastor Thomas Williams also is a faith builder. He helps all members build their faith so that they have a steady strong relationship with God! Visit Mighty Fortress Church today!

Visit: https://www.manta.com/c/mmf9dvz/mighty-fortress-church