Billy McFarland: A Wonder boy’s Rise to Fame

It would be fair to say that Billy McFarland’s rise to fame has been nothing short of meteoric. The tech entrepreneur has been paved the way for a new way of living with his creation Magnises, an exclusive social club with sweet and special deals that one can access with their premium black metal card.

His company is now one of the biggest growing experimental platforms globally. Billy’s tryst with start-ups and new ventures date is not unheard of. A natural bloomer and entrepreneur, Billy’s first stint with fame came at an early age of 13 when he founded an online outsourcing company. He sold three companies by the time he graduated from New Jersey’s Pingry School.

Billy McFarland’s idea of an exclusive social card came while he was still in college at the Bucknell University studying computer engineering. Billy has the privilege of being one of the youngest Americans to raise an institutional venture capital. The 24-year-old left college to pursue his dream of opening a start-up like no other.

His venture Magnises started with a start-up of $3 million and to date is rising through the ranks of tech start-ups in the country being claimed the hottest start-up of the market. Magnises is Latin for absolutely nothing. There was no real meaning to the name except for it sounding cool.

A personalized black metal card is all you need to be counted among the elite club of Magnises which is spread across New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco. All one needs to do is register themselves on the Magnises website and wait for your turn into the exclusive mile-high social club.

The concierge app out deals for you around the city which requires the user to text through their phones for things like private concerts, night clubs or movie recommendations, which the app then using an algorithm finds you the best deals in town.

According to Bloomberg and Inc, Billy McFarland has already raked more than 12,000 users for his Magnises card and is further planning to expand to other cities around America. He has opened private member spaces in Washington DC and New York City to meet the growing demands of his company.