Andrew Lazarus views on new business acquisition strategy

Andrew Lazarus is the chief executive officer of the Newcastle iconic beach hotel that people have popularly known as the Beach Hotel or the Merewether.

The premise sits on an 1858 square meter block that hosts a lounge, main bar, gaming room, TABs, and three areas of private functions.

The most attractive site for it hosts a favorite location for safe and relaxed social gatherings.

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Since its establishment in 1946, the hotel has never undergone any renovations, thus giving it the original and unique look that the proprietor intended to have in life.

This, in return, has given it its look and design that always attracts people to the calm and serene environment.

Later in 2015, the premise underwent some renovations to improve its general look in the eyes of the public.

According to Lazarus, every business’ success does not depend on the instant changes that people primarily make after they have acquired a new job from other people.

Still, success comes from taking time before you interrupt the acquisition process.

Furthermore, he adds that one has to develop the operations and procedures to be followed for an easy transition without disrupting routine procedures.

To ensure that he does not mess up with the premises, Andrew Lazarus vows not to alter the daily operations of that premise for one year.

This is intended to ensure that the beaches remain on their course without fail.

However, the management is soon looking forward to initiating changes that will bring the premise into a more exposed population and the generations to come.

As other restaurants are closing to the impacts of Covid-19, the Beaches is rehiring cooking and support staff since they have already gone back to their operations.

All operations were running as usual and making plans for the spectacular New Years’ Eve celebration.

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