Andrew Frame Talks About What It Means To Be An IdeaMensch

Andrew Frame is the author of “IdeaMensch: A Creative’s Guide to Building a Business and Living a Creative Life.” Andrew Frame has been an entrepreneur for over two decades, and he wants to share what it means to be an IdeaMensch. In this interview, we will learn about his creative process and how he manages time between work life and personal life.

In this article by Andrew Frame, we will explore what it means to be an IdeaMensch, who lives creatively in both their professional and personal lives. Andrew believes that the best way to be an IdeaMensch is by remaining excited about your business, even in times of struggle. Andrew Frame also suggests finding ways to stay inspired throughout life’s ups and downs. When Andrew is not writing his books or running his company, he enjoys spending time with family at home – cooking dinner together every night.

Andrew shared with us that his best ideas usually come to him while he is cooking. Andrew Frame believes that it’s essential for all of us, especially entrepreneurs, to find time in our day-to-day lives where we can get inspired and do something creative.

Andrew gets inspiration throughout the week by joining Facebook groups like IdeaMensch, Creative Mornings, and the Young Entrepreneur Council. Andrew recommends that everyone should join these kinds of groups because you can learn so much from other people who are passionate about what they do! Andrew is constantly reading online articles to stay inspired as well.

A Creative’s Guide to Building a Business & Living a Creative Life is Andrew’s second book. His own experiences inspired it in the creative field, and he believes that this book will help others who are struggling to find the balance between their business life and personal life. Andrew hopes that people can learn from him through reading about his experience as an entrepreneur. See related link to learn more.


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