Paul Mampilly Is Offering Investors The Chance Of A Lifetime

Paul Mampilly is known for picking winners and his latest discovery will have investors everywhere wondering how they can get on board as quickly as possible. While some of his early hints about the company were designed to be cryptic in nature, those who pay close attention to the industry in question were able to put the pieces together with relative ease.

Myriad Genetis is a Salt Lake City based company that is making massive strides in the world of personalized “precision” medicine. Instead of waiting for patients to become ill and then providing them with treatment, Myriad Genetis takes a far more nuanced approach to the treatment of various diseases.

Now, a patient can visit Myriad Genetis and receive a diagnosis that is designed to prevent a number of diseases that were once thought to be incurable. The patient’s specific DNA is zeroed in on and they are given a medication regimen that is made to fit them like a suit of armor of sorts.

A wide range of diseases that were once thought to be incurable can now potentially be treated and Paul Mampilly is providing investors with the tips that they need to get in on the ground floor. After all, there could soon come a day when Myriad Genetis testing techniques have reached the mainstream and would be investors are left kicking themselves for having missed out on the opportunity.

Paul Mampilly reports that the company’s stock has risen from $1.5 billion to nearly $2.2 billion in under a year. While this rise is probably not able to be replicated over the long haul, this is a spike that certainly bears noting. Paul Mampilly is also quick to remind his investors that there is no such thing as a surefire slam dunk investment as well. Visit the website to learn more.

Other companies are involved in the process of precision medication and Myriad Genetis does have certain competitors. Mampilly believes that they have created enough distance between themselves and the next tier of potential precision medicine providers, though.

Myriad is the early leader in the clubhouse and investors would be foolish not to heed the advice that Paul Mampilly has to offer. In order to find out more about whether this is the right investment, investors are encouraged to do their own research to find out whether they are confident in the products that Myriad Genetis. This will allow to make all of the right choices going forward. Visit the website to learn more.

Join The Exciting Sussex Healthcare Team By Applying Now For Open Positions

Good jobs in healthcare are often hard to find. These jobs take endurance, patience and hard work. Many healthcare providers struggle with high employee turnover numbers. Sussex Healthcare is different. The leaders that run this large healthcare organization are proud of the fact that many of their employees stay with them until they retire. This organization has made their name by delivering sensational care to their many cherished residents. With 20 facilities, this healthcare provider is a leading job provider in this area. Since its beginning 25 years past, Sussex Healthcare has changed with the times. The top management team constantly upgrades their necessary care equipment and policies.

Today, there are many fine benefits of working within the Sussex Healthcare network. This company runs 20 charming facilities designed to cater to the elder population group. There are specific specialty facilities for individuals with severe learning disabilities, mental deficits or physical difficulties. These care facilities have been structured to best care for that certain population group. In the dementia unit for seniors, visitors will notice strategic memory boosters like personalized memory boxes used to give comfort as the resident recognizes their precious possessions. These are often placed outside of the residents’ sleeping rooms.


The glorious gardens that bloom and give joy to everyone that sees them can be seen and experienced at several of the senior care living homes. Many homes have quaint features and magnificent historic architectural design. All are equipped with plush, comfy furniture, quiet visiting lounges, the latest care equipment and the best security features. Throughout each busy day, seniors are able to enjoy fun groups and informative classes like cookery, arts & crafts and music appreciation talks. Reminiscent sessions are always a popular diversion that allows seniors to talk about their favorite past memories in a social setting.

Sussex Healthcare is one of the best healthcare organizations for higher salary rates. The company also includes many impressive employee benefits as well. While the company must continue care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there are job opportunities for those that only want a part time work schedule or perhaps only weekends. Come visit one of the stunning settings of a Sussex Healthcare facility. The gorgeous locale, friendly and warm atmosphere and lovely decor selections all combine to make any of these facilities an awesome place to work. Check out the job opportunities at Sussex Healthcare.

Did Bank Of America Deserve Retribution? Bruno Fagali Illuminates The Evidence

Last week, Bruno Fagali wrote a short piece that explained more about an American bill that, if enacted, would authorize the giving of awards to international whistleblowers who inform assets of crime transpiring in their nation and set in the US economic system and this plan is titled: Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Rewards Act.

There transpired a special event, Burno Fagali notes, which was awarded by the SEC to three unnamed statements that have significantly improved to illuminate and explain severe economic illegality perpetrated by Bank of America.

As of March 18, 2018, the largest prize ever given was $30 million in 2014. Those of the incident was $50 million split by two reports and $33 million for one reporting person according to

These bonuses are awarded following the case of the Dodd-Frank Act and are not linked to breaches of the FCPA but economic / investment law regulations.

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As Bruno Fagali mentioned, both resulting atrocities were committed by Bank of America, serving portions of the US $415 million that the economic organization gave in exchange for the deal approved in 2016 by the SEC.

Through the knowledge informed by the three, two were (severe) infractions started by Merrill Lynch which resumed after their acquisition by Bank of America:

I. Covert use of statement holders money for complicated and dangerous actions.
II. Covert implementation and preservation of statement holders’ money in records subjected to payment responsibilities.

Such behavior clearly breaks the policy of consumer security, which is the bank’s legal responsibility to maintain and preserve it’s account holders’ equity values in a savings account (completely separate from the assets held by the bank), allowing to withdraw them in the case of a fiscal emergency.

Bruno Fagali especially wanted to guide out that the evidence that before-mentioned behavior did not create any economic damage to the owners of the legally regulated securities does not reduce the organization of its legal duty

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Corporate Honesty Manager of one of the greatest Brazilian advertisement companies, an affiliate of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Ethics Business – IBDEE and practicing lawyer in Compliance, Electoral Public Law, and Anticorruption. He founded Fagali Advocacy.

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Barbara Stokes Achieves Excellence in Disaster Relief Housing Construction

Barbara and Scott Stokes founded Green Structure Homes Delivered (GSH) of Alabama, LLC in 2008. After ten years of existence, the Stokes has received many government contracts from US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, FEMA and others for the development of their state of the art houses. GSH was recently awarded a 28 Million dollar contract from FEMA to help disaster victims. Also, Green Structure Homes Delivered has just signed another deal with Skyline Homes, which allows the Stokes to extend their business into another southern state. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University in 2001, where she studies c Engineering as well as Physics. Before her founding Green Structure Home Delivered in 2008, she worked in leadership roles with Pisces Corporation and Boeing.

During her time at Boeing and Pisces Corporation Barbara Stokes gained experience in working with Government contracts. Because of this experience, Barbara Stokes has been able to achieve many government contracts which have helped to build homes in disaster relief areas. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Green Structure Homes Delivered receives contracts to build modular commercial buildings as well as portable buildings for disaster relief purposes. Barbara Stokes business is located in Huntsville, Alabama. GSH of Alabama produces hundreds of jobs across the south in North Carolina, Minnesota, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Alabama. Barbara Stokes can build 100s of disaster relief homes per week due to the proprietary building designs and construction of the company. Because of the high level of output as well s quality, Barbara Stokes has been able to successfully carry out several large multi-million dollar contracts for FEMA owing to recent disasters along the southern states.

Barbara Stokes buys her materials from local providers to build the economy. GSH works alongside disaster relief government agencies to rebuild natural disaster areas with high-quality portable housing.

Barbara Stokes disaster relief home constructions are state-of-the-art designs using advanced engineering and production techniques. Barbara and her husband Scott have a combined three decades of experience in the disaster relief industry.


Bush Center Receives Large Endowment from Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management recently announced its continual support of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. One of the ways Highland is doing this is through an endowment. The endowment, which is $10 million, is providing the funding the Bush Center needs to provide new and educational programs to the public.

Highland is also the sponsor that is presenting a new Bush Center programming series. The program is designed to bring, community figures, leaders from various schools of thought and authors to the Bush Center for educational talks and interactive seminars. Jim Dondero, president and cofounder of Highland Capital Management and Bush Presidential Center CEO Kenneth Hersh announced the new programming in a recent press release. Read this article at PR Newswire.

Highland has supported the Bush Center since its early days, and has helped to irmpove the center significantly, according to Hersh. He also shares that Highland’s large endowment to the center is a huge investment in the future of the Bush Center, and that the center is very grateful to Dondero for his commitment to boosting the efforts of the Bush Center.

Over the years, Highland Capital Management has contributed over $5 million to the Bush Center. The company is also part of the Founding Benefactors that have helped to fund Bush Center facility development. Dondero shares that Highland is impressed by the influence that the Bush Center has all across the country and in the Dallas community, and says that Highland is proud to be part of the Bush Center’s efforts.


The endowment from Highland will allow the Bush Center to sponsor several events that will be held through the Engage series. This includes the Highland Capital Lecture, which occurs every year, and Dondero is also set to become part of Hersh’s Executive Advisory Council. The first event in the series is scheduled for February 5. Those who want to attend can visit for more information, and admission is free. Read this article at Dallas News.

Organo Gold: Experiencing the Taste of a Healthy Coffee

The premium coffee and tea producer, Organo Gold is credited for executing a brilliant idea in the market with a right mix of elements. Mixing the products with health factors to make it sweeter and better for everyone. When the whole world is thinking towards a healthy tomorrow, how can tea and coffee be leftover? The Coffee from the group is coming with the contents of Ganoderma lucidum – derived from the Ganoderma mushroom – and that removes all the side effects of caffeine. It is making the Organo Gold coffee uniquely different and superior compared to the regular coffee. Watch this video on Youtube.

While coming to Ganoderma, it is known for a number of health effects including anti-cancer properties, anti-diabetic properties, liver protecting capabilities, anti-viral properties, and many more. While the coffee delivers enormous health qualities, the fine processing also ensures excellent taste that can make every coffee lover fan of Organo Gold. Due to that reason, the firm grew significantly in the market by capturing the minds of coffee lovers. Today, the group has the presence in more than 50 countries and also supplies personal care products and nutraceuticals along with other beverages. While coming to its organic coffee section, it has a number of products such as King Of Coffee, Gourmet Black Coffee, Café Latte, Café Mocha, Café Supreme, and more.


Interestingly, it is also known for researching new ways to come up with more healthy products and better flavors that can attract more people to its products. Since the firm operates as a network marketing company with global reach, it also offers tremendous business opportunities for the aspiring people. It follows a unique compensation plan that helps the participants to earn through seven different ways. Every Organo Gold Distributor can create and develop their distributor unit in any of the countries the company operates. The income opportunities include a mix of immediate earnings, large earnings, life-changing incomes, long-term income parts, and more.



While it gives a flexible work environment like other network marketing companies, Organo Gold also takes its distributors to be part of a movement of better tomorrow with better health. The firm has also taken up philanthropy mission part of its business. For that purpose, it created a foundation called OG Care Foundation which is giving a strong focus on changing the lives of children by providing them the resources. It includes educational tools and choices, love, commitment and assurance, access to basic needs, and more. Visit to know more.

Mighty Fortress Church, Striving To Excellence

Mighty Fortress Church is a Christian church that is located on the north side on Minneapolis. Mighty Fortress Church has been saving many Christians over the years by helping them seek salvation and by helping them achieve their religious goals. Mighty Fortress Church’s goal as a church is for Christians to come to church and receive the life changing word of God. They also strive to give their members a church atmosphere that is forgiving, loving, and cheerful each week. Church services are held each Sunday in the month and everyone is welcomed to attend. Even if you have never visited Mighty Fortress Church before, you will feel like you’re at home because they always make people feel welcomed. Watch this video on Youtube.

Mighty Fortress Church has made commitments has a church that they have chosen to never bend or break. This is what makes Mighty Fortress Church one of the best in the nation. They have created ways to make everyone feel invited within the church space. One of their commitments is to minister to the issues that are happening in the city. The Senior Pastor of the church is Pastor Thomas Williams. He is very active and involved in the community. Ministering about and to the city about issues that have been happening is a great way to improve the community. Pastor Thomas Williams stands tall on his believes and gives incites on how the city can be improve by using God’s word. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Another commitment of Mighty Fortress Church is to equip all members with empowerment and encouragement for their everyday lives. This is also a great thing to commit to. At Mighty Fortress Church members come to church feeling down and depressed and leave feeling strong and encouraged. Pastor Thomas Williams makes it his goal to supply all of his members with the loving spirit of God. And the spirit of God makes everyone feel better no matter what you’re going through.

Pastor Thomas Williams also is a faith builder. He helps all members build their faith so that they have a steady strong relationship with God! Visit Mighty Fortress Church today!


The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence And A/B Testing For Businesses

Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategies

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has already impacted many services and products used by businesses and consumers. AI tools such as A/B testing have become necessary to improve numerous processes. This allows businesses and consumers to save both money and time. Although humans are required to create the strategies, they can be effectively implemented by AI.

Creative Design

The best designs must be used for social media campaigns and promotional products. The choices of font, color and image design are also critical. A/B testing effectively narrows down the most effective choices, helping the campaign to succeed. When the choice is made by a human, all the factors are not able to be considered. AI technology can be used to determine everything from the image used for a cell phone cover to the creation of ads for a specific audience.

Customer Relationships

A language instructor uses numerous scenarios including police officers, taxi services and restaurants. This is a practical approach to help individuals learn a new language. The process of learning can be accomplished faster when specific barriers are eliminated. A good example is a person embarrassed to speak in public. Chatbots are learning how to monitor and give instructions, and this is helping eliminate these barriers. There is a chatbot built by the Australian government to help individuals with disabilities. This has enabled the recipients to have much easier access to health and insurance information. A chatbot can also improve relationships with customers by suggesting products specifically suited to the dislikes and preferences of the customer.

Business Optimization

AI and A/B testing are used to optimize and automate business processes. Data analytics systems can answer questions and offer suggestions regarding perspective customers. This can be used for outlining emails, and identifying a customer ready to make a purchase. A company can achieve better communication with their customers by analyzing sales, customer data and marketing.

Marketing Campaigns

Global brands are using digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns sort through massive data to eliminate time consuming and manual tasks. These limiting factors have been eliminated with A/B testing because it conducts cross-channel execution, media buying, testing and optimization, audience targeting, analytics and insights. Automatic messages are created by AI to individually adapt to every customer. This creates campaigns, discovers segments, adapts and learns.

Business Development

AI systems are helping businesses locate customers with predictive lead generation, content marketing intelligence, lead scoring and sales intelligence.

A Couple of Denzel Washington’s Finest Performances


Denzel Washington is one of the best black actors working in films today. With his good looks, pleasant demeanor and wide range of acting skills, it’s no wonder his popularity has transcended race and gender.


One of his finest performances in in the 1989 film, “Glory”, where Washington plays a volunteer private in an all black Civil War troop. Under the leadership of a white Colonel, played by Matthew Broderick, Washington’s character not only sees the horrors of war on American soil, but the deep rooted prejudices of the enemy and his own side. He earning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for this role.  Also one of the most important black movies of all time.


In the 2001 film, “Training Day”, Washington won the Best Actor Oscar for portraying a corrupt L.A. narcotics officer. While spending the day with his training charge, played by Ethan Hawke, Washington’s character deals with the routine violence and tragedy that beset the business of illegal drug deals in a big inner city. His trainee, along with the audience, wonder about his ethics as the film gets more and more involved.


The 2016 film, “Fences” earns Washington several Oscar nominations including best director, best actor and best film. His costar, Viola Davis, won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar under his direction for playing the wife of his character. In the film based on August Wilson’s play, his character is a trash collector. Through stories he tells, we learn of his life in 1950’s black suburbia and his character’s uncompromising stubbornness and personal demons.  Definitely not a feel good movie.

How to grow a business; the investment story of Don Ressler

Investing in fashion is one of the trickiest and yet potentially rewarding ventures. When dealing with fashion, you need to have it in mind that what seems so stylish and in this moment might be obsolete in a few weeks. According to Don Ressler, co-founder and current CEO of the Fabletics brand, you will only succeed in fashion investments if you stop chasing the trends and become a trendsetter.

There are a number of decisions that can make you the trendsetter in the business and these include the people that you decide to go into the business with. For Fabletics, the people they have been forming partnerships with include Hollywood stars such as Kimora Lee Simmons, Kate Hudson, Elle Fowler and Avril Lavigne. The great thing about having the entertainment industry on LinkedIn to endorse your products is that they bring in their entire following to the brand and this creates quite a following.

Then, the other step that Don Ressler made was to ensure that people who shopped from Fabletics got a totally different shopping experience. Most of the stores that sell their wares online pre-select and load clothing items to their online stores. This amounts to indirectly dictating what the customer should get from a group of items. The innovative idea mentioned on they had to counter this one was to create a different store type whereby the customer would take time and design what they want, include the specifications and then allow the company designers to create the item for them.

The idea became an instant hit with their customers, especially the millenials. This was a move that they had not really anticipated. As a result, they had to chase after the growing demand as opposed to anticipating and planning for it. however, even though the process was a bit of a struggle, by the end of the process, they have reached a point where they have managed to streamline all their operations.

The company has been operational for the past seven years. When they started, they had very limited capital base. This has grown into the millions and projections indicate that they will be getting even bigger profits with time. The plans that the company has for the future include letting other businesses partner with them and expanding the variety of clothing items that they will have for their consumer. Don Ressler states that the best capital one can have is their idea as it is the main determiner of success.

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